I was not born with the last name Kerr, rather I married into it.  ‘Kerr’ is Scottish, and comes complete with it’s own special fabric (tartan), Wikipedia entry, and family motto!  Co-incidentally enough, the Kerr motto is “Sero Sed Serio” which is Latin for “late but in earnest’.  Aha!

I really should have been born a Kerr, since this motto pretty much sums me up:  I am usually running late for things, even things that I’m really looking forward to doing and that are important to me.  Although I haven’t missed a flight yet, AND I’m always on time for my life coach sessions – that tells me something.

It’s a “thing” with me, at least at the moment, and I thought to myself, why not make the best of this thing that I am right now? Flaunt and wallow in this unwanted trait of mine.  There’s a message for me somewhere in this matter of running late… and it’s definitely become a habit over the years. So now it’s *time* to take a closer look at this, through the lens of just noticing when I am leaving things to the last moment(s).

The title of this blog will be my constant reminder to be more mindful of this habit – as well as of any others – which will in turn point me towards the beliefs that may be driving them (and me). I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Well, gotta run… I’m late for something – probably.