As I sit down to write my very first life coach blog post, all the usual ‘stuff’ arises.  What unfolds is a classic modus-operandi for almost anything I start


  1. I Google other life coaching blogs to ‘liberate’ some of their ideas.
  2. Then fall down some crazy rabbit-hole and read this:  “How to Find Trending Blog Topics Your Audience will Actually Care About.
  3. Thinking “Wow – I’m definitely on the right track”, I continue down the R-Hole and obsess over creating the ‘perfect’ blog post which will be read by many people who will thusly think me wonderful.
  4. And then I wake-up.
  5. I remember that what I want is to live as a leader, and I don’t think leaders generally follow trends.”The hardest battle is to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else.”
    ~ C.C. Cummings, 1994.
  6. I remember that I am writing for people [like me] who don’t read!
  7. I BEGIN writing this blog because now I really KNOW what to write about.

The not-so-magic-trick to living the life you really want, is to know more concretely what this actually is.  Having a clear definition of your intentions makes them easier to REMEMBER at critical decision-indecision times.  Are you looking outside yourself for the answer?

What do you know for sure about the life you really want?  Could be one thing or one hundred… big or little… Feel free to post your list here (or not). 🙂

The End.