I just started thinking about how much I like to use mason jars for leftovers vs plastic containers.

Apart from the aesthetics – which appeal to my nostalgic, retro-sensibilities, the mason jars offer more ‘clarity’… Seriously!

Look at this picture of some leftovers in my (messy) fridge: What are you drawn to?

Personally, it’s a no-brainer for me – the mason jar contents win hands-down. AND there are less lids to worry about – just 2 sizes: regular and wide-mouthed. You can throw them in the micro and they don’t retain odours or stains like the plastic containers do.

Oh wait – this is HOT off the presses: Just found these on amazon… Leak-proof Mason jar lids:
Tulid (Pack of 3) – Mason Jar Lids (Regular Size) – Reusable, leak-proof, BPA-free *

*Note: If you purchase this through my link, Amazon will pay me. They were not the impetus for this post, rather a beneficiary of my curiosity.

That’s all I got – I told you upfront that this was a fluff-piece…