Online Therapy/Support GROUPS

for Post-Secondary Students 18yrs+

In this time of uncertainty and isolation, lots of folks are experiencing anxiety, depression, numbness, despair, loneliness, and a lack of hope and vision for their futures. Maybe you are too?

In this 7-week support/therapy group for post-secondary students, we’ll co-create a playful, engaging and safe space to creatively and compassionately explore these (and other) feelings.  You’ll have the opportunity to  re-connect with your vitality and with your own ground of support, so that you can meet today (and tomorrow) with presence and curiosity.

While individual therapy is great, groups offer an extra bit of magic: It is through being with others, listening and truly being heard and seen that we find ourselves as belonging to the world. We can really feel that we’re not alone, and we can begin to 

experience ourselves in whole new, previously unimaginable, ways.

Expect to be engaged!

Beyond just talking about stuff, we’ll offer creative ways to help you:

  • come into the present moment
  • explore and make meaning of your experiences
  • express yourself authentically
  • find and feel support
  • ride the ‘emotional waves’
  • develop more satisfying ways to support yourself, and
  • connect with others.

Depending on the group and what’s emerging in the space, this can include:

* Art Writing * Movement * Music * Role play * Dream work * Metaphor * +++

No artistic skills required whatsoever.


7 Friday evenings

8:00-9:15PM EST

Registering now for: March 26 – May 7 2021

Future dates:

May 28 – July 9 2021; and September 10 – October 22 2021


$55 per week ($385 total)

~ If cost is a barrier for you, please contact us.

Additional group info

Small group size: 9 participants max

Canadians 18+

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